Are you struggling to get stuff done but not ready to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you?

Not very techy? NO PROBLEM! I'll walk through it all, step by step.

Here are various trainings and offers to get you started.

I will walk you through a strategy and how to set up your lead magnet.

I will walk you through changing your image size and optimizing them for your website.

I will walk you through choosing the best tech for you, your biz AND your budget!

Just what I need.

I have learned so much being enrolled in Angela’s program. Her knowledge of tech is extensive and she takes time to explain each step so I can understand and use it. I can ask her anything from simple to complex and she will patiently help me through the process.

Thank you, Angela!

During the first session of Angela Hall’s virtual Business Technology Training I attended, I learned so much that I could implement immediately. Angela patiently answered a range of questions; in just one hour, she carefully walked us through the steps to solve our problems. She has filled the member library with great videos and resources, in addition to the session replays. I’m looking forward to the next Helpful session.

Thank you, Angela for all you have done for me and all you have done for others!

If you want the privilege of working with an honest, hardworking, efficient, effective, supportive, and knowledgeable person, then you must work with Angela Hall. I have to admit I was hesitant to sign up for her Technology Course. You see, technology is not my strong suit. Suffice it to say, I love using my yellow tablets as a main source for taking notes and doing business. I considered myself old-fashioned, in that way and up until now, I have used my age as a barrier to learning all this new-fangled technology stuff (TV wasn’t even invented when I was born—that’s how old I am!).

But I have to say that Angela has the gift and ability to take the complex and make it simple—simple enough so that even I understand! As an educator, I recognize that this kind of teaching is truly a gift. Often when someone learns something new and becomes a pro at it, they forget what it is like to be a ‘beginner.” That’s the gift that Angela has—the ability to explain something in a way that is easy to digest and use. In the past, I have stressed so much about learning something new about technology, that I’d steer away from it.

There are 3 main benefits I received from working with Angela and when I think about it, it makes me smile. First of all, I have almost learned to like technology (I hate to admit it—I did say almost learned to like technology—lol) so my mindset about technology has really changed. I know when I work with Angela that I can freely ask questions and not be judged, especially if I am not quite “getting it.” Second, I have learned about so many tools and resources from Angela’s Technology Classes that I feel excited about implementing what I’ve learned. Last, but not least, my confidence level for learning something new about technology has skyrocketed (relatively speaking—lol), so that I am at least able to tell myself, ” I can do this.”