Why do you want to learn the back-end of your business when you’re trying to get clients right now you might ask?

Because the “back-end” of your business is actually what makes your business a SMOOTH-RUNNING, CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE BUSINESS!

I’m talking about your systems, software, technology and website – these things are the lifeblood of your revenue you know. YES, of course you need leads, marketing, follow up and sales also BUT many of them involve some sort or level of technology. (If you’re doing it right and you’re being efficient.) If you’re bringing in leads and marketing to drive traffic to your website or even to a call with you then I guarantee THIS TECHY STUFF is one of the biggest things preventing you from making more money.

THE PROBLEM IS… it’s all important. You can’t ignore ANY of this as the business owner. BUT you don’t have to learn EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. You just may need a bird’s eye view and level of understanding about some things so you know how it all flows together!

In this hands-on virtual workshop, we want you to be on your computers.

We’re going to show you how to make easy updates, efficient systems and changes to your website, email marketing, social media marketing profiles and tasks, shopping carts, databases, CRM and everything techy or online based.

This stuff is what’s going to help make you a LOT more profitable and give you a LOT more freedom in your business. But you have to learn a little bit about all of this FIRST to actually create a smooth-running, consistent moneymaking business. THEN you can better delegate it. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.

What can be covered in this call?

  • Funnel Integrations
  • Strategy
  • Course Set Up
  • Email management
  • Organizing Business Files
  • Social Images (FB, LI, Insta, YouTube, etc)
  • Lead magnets
  • Sales Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Email Sequences
  • Canva Graphics
  • New WordPress website pages
  • WordPress Maintenance/Cleanup
  • Basic Website Set Up
  • Video Editing
  • and so much more!

Just what I need.

I have learned so much being enrolled in Angela’s program. Her knowledge of tech is extensive and she takes time to explain each step so I can understand and use it. I can ask her anything from simple to complex and she will patiently help me through the process.

I do these types of training/tutorial type calls with a lot of my clients but this way I can reach anyone anywhere. Let me help you!

Trust me, YOU CAN LEARN THIS STUFF… but just what you NEED to know. It’s faster than taking a whole course on just one thing like monetizing social media for example. I’ll share JUST WHAT WILL HELP YOU GET CLIENTS or do whatever it is that you’re trying to do on social sites, and NOT what you don’t need to know. Some other classes and training share too much, then you’re overwhelmed.

Thank you, Angela!

During the first session of Angela Hall’s virtual Business Technology Training I attended, I learned so much that I could implement immediately. Angela patiently answered a range of questions; in just one hour, she carefully walked us through the steps to solve our problems. She has filled the member library with great videos and resources, in addition to the session replays. I’m looking forward to the next Helpful session.

How your calls work:

We meet on the first Thursday of every month.

We will meet on zoom and you will receive a recording of your call.

You can email questions in if not able to attend live.

Bonus training in the members area

Emailed questions will sometimes be answered in additional recorded answers added to the members area

Valued at $250 a call

You can join today for $49/mo

NOTE: There are no refunds on Virtual Business Tech Training (VBTT). You may cancel at any time and will not be billed for future months.

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Thank you, Angela for all you have done for me and all you have done for others!

If you want the privilege of working with an honest, hardworking, efficient, effective, supportive, and knowledgeable person, then you must work with Angela Hall. I have to admit I was hesitant to sign up for her Technology Course. You see, technology is not my strong suit. Suffice it to say, I love using my yellow tablets as a main source for taking notes and doing business. I considered myself old-fashioned, in that way and up until now, I have used my age as a barrier to learning all this new-fangled technology stuff (TV wasn’t even invented when I was born—that’s how old I am!).

But I have to say that Angela has the gift and ability to take the complex and make it simple—simple enough so that even I understand! As an educator, I recognize that this kind of teaching is truly a gift. Often when someone learns something new and becomes a pro at it, they forget what it is like to be a ‘beginner.” That’s the gift that Angela has—the ability to explain something in a way that is easy to digest and use. In the past, I have stressed so much about learning something new about technology, that I’d steer away from it.

There are 3 main benefits I received from working with Angela and when I think about it, it makes me smile. First of all, I have almost learned to like technology (I hate to admit it—I did say almost learned to like technology—lol) so my mindset about technology has really changed. I know when I work with Angela that I can freely ask questions and not be judged, especially if I am not quite “getting it.” Second, I have learned about so many tools and resources from Angela’s Technology Classes that I feel excited about implementing what I’ve learned. Last, but not least, my confidence level for learning something new about technology has skyrocketed (relatively speaking—lol), so that I am at least able to tell myself, ” I can do this.”

NOTE: There are no refunds on Virtual Business Tech Training (VBTT). You may cancel at any time and will not be billed for future months.