How many videos do you have of you speaking in an interview or for an event just sitting on your computer collecting 'dust'?

Are you great on video but don't know how to edit out clips to use on your website and social media?

Did you know that an hour of video could be 7 to 12 smaller video clips that you can use on ALL your social media platforms, over and over and over again?

Why do you want to do that?

Because the more content you put out the better, right?

And the more content that educates and informs your ideal client is also better, right?

Wouldn't you love to have several videos like this one without having to make time to sit and record each one?

The more content you have and put out there regularly the more potential clients you could get from social media.

Unless you want to create a new video every single day, editing out sound bytes of your previous speaking presentations, webinars and masterclasses is a great way to get more content without working so hard.

We can help! We will take your recording and turn it into polished and professional sound byte videos that you can use everywhere!

You provide a recording about an hour in length, we will provide you with 7 to 12 video clips to use. You can also use this on your website, in blog posts, which you can then link into your email newsletters and have people go read the blog post with your video there. There's a lot of repurposing that can be done with one hour of content.

And if you're not doing this then you're making it too hard for yourself to do your marketing.

We've done this for numerous coaches and speakers and now they can maximize all their content everywhere.

Here's a few examples of short video clips

We can brand them with your logo, event logos where your presentation was shown and a keyword rich headline to pop on the thumbnail.

We've been doing video editing for our regular clients for years but never offered this as a one-off service until now.

This service is really needed for anyone who wants to repurpose their content, such as speakers and coaches and entrepreneurs to have a lot more content out there on social media.

How this works:

We require a 5 day advance notice of your due date then will deliver within 48 hours from project start date. (excluding weekends and US holidays)

Example: You would like your videos delivered for review on a Wednesday, you would need to submit payment and information by the preceding Monday morning.

This is a first come, first served project. Ability to meet your deadline is dependent upon whether there are any projects already in the queue.

On the order form below, enter your details.

On the next page will be a form to fill out to give us what we need to create your video clips.

You will receive an email as well with next step instructions.

We will create your video once we have received all the information from you.

Your 7 to 12 video clips will be delivered within 48 hours of agreed upon start date and then you let us no any revisions you would like.

If you have a presentation you're giving live and know you're going to get the video within 24 hours of that presentation you can preschedule the video clips to be done for you if you give us the date you expect to have the video and we can put you in the queue as long as you pre-pay for that date.

Valued at $597

So, the first 10 project requests submitted, will...

Get your professional video clips for just $397

NOTE: There are no refunds on this product once work is initiated.

Already have more than one video you want edited? We've got a deal for you!

Submit 1 - 1 hour video, if in the 1st 10 = $397, then $597
Submit 2 - 1 hour videos, if in the 1st 10 = $497 then $697

Submit 3 - 1 hour videos, if in the 1st 10 = $597 then $797


What if I don't have an hour long video? What if I only have a 10 min video, what would be the price?

If you don't have 1 60 min, we can do 2 - 30 min or 4 - 15 min or less - if you only have 1 10 to 15 min video recording, we can brand that one for $97. Click here to place that order. Same time guidelines apply.

Do I need to already have branding together?

If you don't have your branding done, no problem! This is what we'll do for you: We will coordinate with you to select colors that suite you.

What if I change my branding?

No Problem! For $97 we'll edit up to 7 of your videos previously done by us with your new branding. Have more than 7? $197 for 8 to 15 video clips rebranded.

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Testimonials from some of our happy clients who use us for their techy services.

Thank you, Angela!

"Angela and her team make it SUPER EASY to repurpose all my video content by splicing it all up into bite-sized marketable pieces that I can share all over the place - my YouTube, social media, my own blog, my emails and even on my website where I want to call attention to specific things that I teach. This is definitely a great service to use so your content doesn’t get wasted in a one-time thing." - Katrina Sawa, The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, 10x Int'l Best Selling Author, Publisher and Int’l Speaker

Thank you, Angela for all you have done for me and all you have done for others!

If you want the privilege of working with an honest, hardworking, efficient, effective, supportive, and knowledgeable person, then you must work with Angela Hall. I have to admit I was hesitant to sign up for her Technology Course. You see, technology is not my strong suit. Suffice it to say, I love using my yellow tablets as a main source for taking notes and doing business. I considered myself old-fashioned, in that way and up until now, I have used my age as a barrier to learning all this new-fangled technology stuff (TV wasn’t even invented when I was born—that’s how old I am!).

NOTE: There are no refunds on this product once work is initiated.